EQG Computers has extensive experiences working with businesses in different sizes & industries. We specialise in providing a comprehensive business IT solution and IT support by assisting you with planning, implementing, maintenance and support. We offer regular maintenance service plans from hourly, monthly and yearly, this scheduled proactive maintenance service allows us monitor your system and server closely to keep any risk away from your system in additional of our in-house IT support.

Network Design & Installation

We design and create a network to suit your requirement and your long-term business environment with our professional advice and creative idea.  We ensure you are working within a reliable and soured network with all other systems with different branches and when you are traveling

Server Support, Setup, Maintenance and Migration

We assure a successful server set up and migration by supplying a comprehensive plan to minimise any disruption on your business.

Data Transfer & Migration

Series of professional & trusted programs to ensure a peace of mind data migration.

Backup  Solutions

We provide data back up solutions which suit your business the best and we will ensure the backup is working properly as scheduled.

Mobilty Solutions

We can connect all your work email and business function with your mobile devices so you can work when you are away from your office.  We specialise to offer the best Telco solutions for your business and the staffs

Onsite Maintenance and Support

We have different computer maintenance service plans to meet your IT needs and we ensure your IT system is regularly health checked and monitored to avoid any risk and damage to your systems.